2015 Challenge – for EBAT

“On Friday August 14th, I took part in the inaugural Ipswich ‘twilight’ run. I chose this event because Ipswich is the home of the Elena Baltacha Academy of Tennis (EBAT).  So far in 2015 I have raised over £300 for the Academy.

The response which I get when I run in my EBAT colours is, quite simply, overwhelming. I cannot begin to describe the amount of respect and affection displayed by fellow runners and spectators, for Bally. She certainly made an impact on many people.

August 14th is also Bally’s birthday and the other reason I chose to do this run. She would be 32. Even though Bally is no longer with us, to see the progress made at her Academy, she can rest in the knowledge that her Spirit lives on through the efforts of Nino, Jamie and all the staff of EBAT.

I have already informed Nino of my intention to continue my fund-raising efforts in 2016, but before that there is a (small) matter of finishing the 2015 schedule in style:


Sunday 11th October 2015